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I Mulicchi

The authentic journey
in Salento

I Mulicchi

This is the ideal place for wellness, in the countryside, away from the hectic city life, in this corner of the Salento, fresh and silent, which invites you to a holiday.

You get here covering hidden narrow streets, following the route of the dry stone walls, to finally face a wild landscape, simple and majestic at the same time.


We are on the hills of Specchia, very close to Presicce, both among the Borghi più Belli d’Italia (the club of most beautiful villages of Italy), halfway between the beaches of the Ionian and the sheer cliffs of the Adriatic, a few minutes from Santa Maria di Leuca, the extreme tip of the heel of Italy.


A good rest is guaranteed as well as total privacy. Silence is only interrupted by the sounds of nature: the song of the cicadas and the rustling of the wind between the fig and the almond trees.


By chance or by wish, Angelo and Maria Lucia realised I Mulicchi in an estate of 4 hectares, next to two original stone ruins. Although built from the ground up, this country resort made of pajare with thick walls and barrel vaults, has become a natural complement to those ancient rural buildings which once served as agricultural storage and shelter for the farmers. The facades use the same stones, which have the warm and clear color of the Salento rock, the white walls covered in lime stand out among the Mediterranean shrub and the red earth.


Light is a game of rays filtering through the wattle covering the front of each house. The sunsets ignite the horizon and remain in the memory for a long time. A delicious breakfast is prepared in the morning with tarts, bread and baked biscuits, sweet and savory typical products, jams and fresh fruit: figs and almonds can be picked directly from the trees.

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